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George & The Team

When it comes to premium hair services, George Soare and savoir-faire are synonyms.

For five years, George has been the right hand of Barbara Wuillot, past art director for «Haute Coiffure Française» elite club and has been training at the highest international standards in the beauty industry ever since.
In 2009, after being elected as brand ambassador for L’Oreal Professionnel, George has decided to dedicate his passion and savoir-faire into launching TRIBUTE, a coiffure salon unlike anything else on the market.
A salon with premium customer service, where every appointment gives birth to a new masterpiece.

The Team

Alexandra Visan
Kinga Kore
Irina Pirvulescu
Diana Puiu
Dana Onica
Florentina Zica
Andrei Condac
Dorin Trifa
Silvia Obretin
Iulia Pirvu
Alina Berbescu
Andreea Nucea
Daniel Dobromir
Irina Olteanu